Why I am starting #100daysofblogging

Hi guys, I am Rajat. I am 28 and currently unemployed. I started learning web-development from this month itself (I know I am bit late to the party) and I don't have any IT or CS degree. previously, I used to work as officer at a bank in Delhi and got relieved on 5th January 2022 after serving for 2.5 years.

I am currently doing #100daysofcode challenge on twitter and also like to extend one more challenge to myself that is #100daysofblogging. Yaa! you heard it right. I am going to publish one blog each day for 100 days straight.

Just announcing it publicly (to make it more real for me).

So, Why I am doing this:

  1. Because writing is a superpower. It gives structure to my thoughts and hence enable me to think and speak with clarity which in turn makes me a better coder (because I think coding is mostly just thinking clearly).

  2. Although most of the times writing is just hard and taxing, I love going through the process.

  3. I think it will unlock more opportunities for me.

  4. Along with writing, consistency is also a superpower😀.

This is the first day and I don't have anything to write. So, I thought why not to announce #100daysofblogging on Hashnode and medium.

PS: My blogs will follow my web development journey. Hence, I will write mostly about javascript, react and web development in general. If you are learning web-development, follow this blog and I am sure it will add value.

My twitter handle: @therajatg

Have an amazing day ahead 😀!