The key to becoming great at anything: START and ITERATE

I don't remember the exact experiment and in which university it was conducted but I remember the story:

There were 20 newly admitted students in a painting class in a university. They were divided into 2 groups: group "A" and group "B". Group "A" was told to come up with a single masterpiece painting at the end of 2 months and although they have to make the painting by themselves, they can take help from their peers, professors, library books etc.

On the other hand, group "B" was told to make 1 painting each day and come up with 61 paintings at the end of 2 months. After 2 months when the paintings were assessed it was found that on an average paintings made by group "B" in the last 10 days far exceeded the masterpieces made by group "A".

So, what we learn from above story:

It does not matter how many coursera courses we take or how many gurus we consult before starting our own youtube channel or how many tips and tricks we learn about blogging or how many coding related videos we see. Until and unless we start doing the actual deed, nothing will change.

The only thing that matters is to start and do the actual deed.

If you want to become great at a skill:

Quantity >>>>>>>>>>> Quality because Geniuses are sculpted through endless iterations.

It will never happen that you woke up one day, made a youtube video and got a million followers. Nope! just start and iterate. Do not read any more books, just start making those damn videos and without realizing you'll become an awesome youtuber.


Here's how to become a great copywriter: Start writing in the real world on a daily basis.

Here's how to become a great programmer: Start making real projects.

Well, that's true for almost every skill. Instead of being trapped by that new tip, learning from various sources, and procrastinating, start doing the actual stuff and one day without even realizing you'll become great at it.

The key is to START.